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About Sending Love to the Farina's

If you don't know the Farina Family, they are some of the most caring and selfless people I've had the pleasure to know. They will never ask for help, but are always quick to offer it. They have been put to the test more than many of us can imagine, and it's time to show our support as they are faced with yet another medical challenge. Please join me in offering just a small token of your support, and together we can give this deserving family a big boost. TO GIVE MONEY: The family does not have a PayPal account ready to receive funds, your Donate Via PayPal donation will be sent directly to me, and every last cent will be given to the Farina family. Thank you!

Special Notes: 

While meals are always helpful, please keep in mind that Buckley has a very restrictive diet, so that is why grocery store gift cards are more helpful. Your monetary donations will support the family as they deal with medical bills and Justyn being out of work. Thank you all so much, every bit helps.