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About Bad luck x 2.

Iola runs a marketing -social media consulting business in which her laptop is the one thing that holds her livelihood. The car that she was borrowing from a friend with the hope to buy was stolen with her laptop inside. She cannot work without the laptop and doesn’t have time to get up to speed on another user interface so it’s important that she has a laptop similar to the one she had which was an MacBook Her truck has high mileage and had needed several repairs the most recent of which has left it I drivable but she is hoping to get some trade in value for it. There is a used car with low mileage at a small dealership near her that had agreed to take it but has not appraised it yet. They have a used car with low mileage on the lot listed for $5,000. Once the truck is traded in Iola will need to pay the $1,500 note left on it. The truck is at the point where several major parts have started breaking and the mechanic suggested that it is not worth continuing to repair. Iola is asking for $5,000 to be raised as quickly as possible so that she can continue her work and care for her children. She will be posting updates on the funds coming in until she reaches her goal at the top of this thread at the end of each day. Please tag in friends or share on your page to help bring in funds. Thank you so much for supporting our friend. Signed, Anonymous friend

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Thank you all in advance.