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About Love for the Smith-Connell crew!

Beautiful baby boy Ra Ridley was born very early, on 2/28/18. This is a page to support the Smith-Connell family while Ra spends time in the NICUer every day! Folks near can sign up for the meal train and folks far can donate gift cards for groceries and meals alike. And everyone can make a Venmo or Paypal contribution. This family is all about LOVE so let's shower them with it!

Special Notes: 

The email for PayPal is also good for Venmo! These guys eat most everything. They love pasta, burgers, chili, most meats and veggies. If people want to do take-out, they like Zankou, Spitz, Any bbq spot, Burgers. Gluten-free is preferred but NOT required.


Care Calendar

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JUNE 2018

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