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About Gotcha covered, Jenny!

This page has been updated as of 9/3/18 Hello everyone! Happy September. I hope you've all enjoyed the last few months and are getting into the swing of things in time for Fall to pay us a visit. I wanted to express my thanks (as a friend) to all who have shown your support in so many ways to the Costantino family. I am adding another month to the meal plan schedule because this is still the most helpful and reliable care we can provide to Jenny and her family. Such a restrictive diet causes anxiety around mealtime, so whatever we can do to help alleviate that feeling, I'm all for it! They are still trying to eat as clean as possible to keep strengthening Jenny's immune system for whatever the future holds. What does that mean for meal prep? It means vegetarian (this includes no fish) and gluten/sugar-free. This is your chance to get really creative! If you are bringing a meal, please adhere to this as much as possible. Sam has left for school and Grace is probably not partaking as much, so giant meals are not necessary. Please look at the schedule to see if you're able to pitch in with a meal.

Special Notes: 

Thank you for all you continue to do. Please feel free to contact me, Halle Griffee, at 404-840-3051 / if you have questions, need help, etc. A MILLION THANKS TO YOU ALL! Sincerely, Halle


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