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About Gotcha covered, Jenny!

Hello everyone and thank you, in advance, from Jenny, Tony, Sam and Grace - otherwise known as the Costantino family. You all know why you're here so there's no need to re-hash the situation. Many many many of you have gotten in touch to see how you can help and the time has come! This page should provide you with several ways to share your love to get Jenny and her family through a pretty rough time. It would be great if we could not only provide them with nutritious meals, but also some simpler items like gift cards for gas, groceries and lunches, etc. Please look at the schedule to see if you're able to pitch in. If you're not, your continued support through texts, prayers, phone calls, cards and letters is good as gold. A GoFundMe page has also been started for Jenny to help offset the costs of rehabilitation -

Special Notes: 

Although not strict rules, here are a few things to keep in mind for meals when you can: *they TRY (key word) to avoid gluten, soy, dairy, corn and sugar. No allergies, just a lactose intolerance. With meats they aim for hormone-free, organic and vegetarian-fed when possible. *Grace & Sam love pasta, especially Annie's white cheddar mac 'n cheese. Regular pasta is fine for them but Tony & Jenny prefer brown rice gluten free. *G/S love broccoli, string beans, sweet potatoes, spinach and baked beans. *T/J love all veggies, steamed or roasted, except mushrooms. *all love seafood (wild caught preferred), hamburgers (beef), grilled chicken, marinated flank steak. *please be mindful of portions. NO ONE likes to throw food out. Try not avoid full bottles of dressings and condiments and items they may already have. Meal deliveries aren't scheduled for every night because it will be overwhelming. Sometimes they'll just need basic groceries like lunch meats, bread, fruit, or fresh salad fixings. Breakfast on Saturday morning would be a lovely treat. (Tony doesn't drink coffee, btw). Since they will be back and forth and away from home so much, gift cards are a wonderful way to ease the pain of transit and help with a quick meal on the go. We'll identify as many options as possible so you can take your pick. *Publix, Whole Foods, Kroger, InstaCart *Costco, QuikTrip, Chevron, BP *Chick Fil A, McDonald's For meals, we'll leave a cooler with ice on the front porch every morning. Please provide cooking and/or freezing instructions and disposable packaging where possible. 2 quick suggestions: is a wonderful meal service with hearty farm-fresh food that the Costantinos have enjoyed before. I can personally vouch for the soup! And if you're looking for great recipes that keep their diets in mind, is an excellent resource, laid out in helpful categories for dietary needs. Lastly, please be respectful about drop-ins. Advanced notice will be much appreciated and very helpful. Rest and privacy are paving stones on the path to a successful recovery. Thank you for reading all the way through. Please feel free to contact Halle Griffee at 404-840-3051 /, or Julie Rivard at 404-771-0569 /, if you have questions, need help, want directions or any other general care info. A MILLION THANKS TO YOU ALL!


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