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About Helping Our Friends the Eftekhari's

Welcome! As you may already know, the Eftekhari’s are beginning a new journey this summer. Beginning June 10, THIS SUNDAY, Heather will be moving to Los Angeles with their twin boys who will undergo exciting new treatment and therapy. Unfortunately, this will temporarily separate their family. As a mom, I know how hard this will be on Heather’s momma heart. Taking care of our families is our #1 concern. And, though I am certain Omid and their oldest son will be just fine, we’d like to offer them our support, lift their family up during this time and provide yummy meals for them while they are apart. If you are so inclined, please visit the meal train calendar we have organized. You have a few options: 1. Choose a date to deliver one of your delicious, homemade meals to the Eftekhari home in Anaheim. This will feed Omid and Declan during the week. 2. Choose a date and schedule food delivery to the Eftekhari home in Anaheim.   3. Order and send gift cards to the Eftekhari home. Since Heather will be home on the weekends, she may be able to take them back to LA with her or enjoy them with there entire family on the weekends.   Thank you all in advance for your love and support. 

Special Notes: 

Omid eats mostly chicken, fish and turkey slices. He is carb phobic (primarily bread and pasta), but he'll eat lasagna! He loves sushi, pho, pork tenderloin, carnitas, salmon and pea soup. Turkey sandwiches and wraps are a good option. Easy with cheese and any kind of condiment/rich sauces (mayo, BBQ sauce). Loves dill pickles, so yes to those in a sandwich or burger. Burgers. Loves them. Things to avoid: walnuts and pecans (he can have peanuts and cashews), onions, anything spicy, peppers, eggplant, creamy/saucy dishes (alfredo, potato salad), and tomatoes. Declan: loves cheeseburgers, spaghetti and meatballs, salmon, and persian koobideh kabob (chicken and/or beef koobideh--that's the ground meat kind, not the chicken breast or filet mignon kind). He will occasionally eat turkey sandwiches and peanut butter sandwiches. Macaroni and cheese. Pepperoni pizza. Crunchy ground beef tacos. He won't eat soup and virtually all other foods. Someone at school said they don't like vegetables, so now he's on a veggie strike--good times. But, I can still get him to eat raw carrots, celery and cucumbers and occasionally, steamed broccoli florets.


Care Calendar

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JUNE 2018