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About Support Immigrant low-income workers in Illinois

In this volatile political climate, where Latinos and immigrants are being attacked FLAP and the population is seeking to help: more than 100,000 migrant and seasonal workers, farmworkers, landscape workers, packinghouse workers, cannery workers, restaurant and meat and poultry workers can use In-kind donations as much as possible. The average farmworker-landscaper family earns between $10,000 and $14,000 a year, which is well below the poverty level, according to the 2013 Poverty Level Guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service. FLAP mission is to improve working conditions for migrant and seasonal workers in Illinois, including low-income farmworkers, landscapers, snow plowing workers, packinghouse workers, cannery workers, and meat and poultry workers end their households. FLAP carries out this mission through outreach, litigation, community legal education, community education, referrals and partnering with other organizations to fight human labor trafficking. FLAP is the only non-profit organization in Illinois, the Midwest and one of only a handful in the U.S., to provide this type of service to low-income Latino laborers. FLAP provides its services without regard to immigration status and at no charge to the worker. The organization’s success in advocating on behalf of workers speaks for itself. Since its founding, FLAP has filed more than 197 cases in Federal and State courts, 90 percent representing multiple workers. It has sent more than 70 demand letters and recovered almost $4.0 million in back wages for its clients. To date, FLAP has settled every case it has accepted on behalf of its workers. The organization receives as many as 12 telephone calls daily from workers requesting assistance. Among the many violations that our clients are exposed to are: - Human Labor trafficking - Nonpayment of wages (“wage theft”) - Denial of overtime wage rates - Illegal pesticide exposure - Hazardous housing - Unsanitary working conditions - Illegal deductions from wages [for visa, travel, housing, equipment and uniform expenses] - Discrimination - Injuries at work

Special Notes: 

We depend on people like you to make charitable, tax-deductible donations to help bring a brighter future to the workers who put food on our table. Please join us in the fight against wage theft, human labor trafficking and other unfair and illegal employment practices! Today we need your support more than ever! FLAP's EIN is 36-4306362.