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About ... Welcome Sarah & Baby Billy Home ...

We are excited to announce that Baby Billy arrived September 26th, in the early morning; weighing 7.5 lbs and measuring 21.5 inches. Both Sarah and baby Billy are doing well! Sarah had a few hiccups during delivery that will cause a longer recovery, but overall they are both happy and doing well! Sarah and Billy will most likely be released to go home on Thursday, Sept. 27th. Without a doubt, Sarah could use some love and support over the next few weeks as she is healing, resting and loving and bonding with her new little boy. If you have time to stop by and spend a few moments with Sarah, lend a hand, or provide a meal; it would incredibly bless Sarah and Billy! Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Sarah and Billy; it means SO much to Sarah!

Special Notes: 

No Allergies. Sarah likes most foods... but prefers not to eat livers and gizzards, LOL. :) 6:00 pm is just a suggestion if another time works for both you and Sarah, that is totally fine, the website only allows for one time to be set. Also, I set up a few "Help at Home" times, in case anyone would like to visit Sarah. Given her delivery, she may need some help lifting and with some of the everyday tasks for a while. It does not have to be right at 11:00 am, whatever works for you and Sarah is fine. Feel free to mark a date to sign up and then chat with Sarah about the time frame that works best for the two of you! :) Thank you so much for showing Sarah and Billy love and support!


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