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About Love and Support for This Family of Mermaids: Tiffany, Shane, and V

Our lovely Tiffany had her gallbladder removed and needs/deserves our love and support. Let's rally around her to make sure food/childcare isn't an additional stressor during this time. V time is a major plus; Violet is a magical little human! Shane will be working from home so if you can watch V for a few hours before 5 pm any weekday, please sign up and/or text me! She is currently still in the hospital but has welcomed visitors if you text her. I don't know if cat care is needed right now, but info from May "Simon, their cat, gets fed a can of wet food in the mornings and late afternoon/early evening. He goes outside for bathroom needs, so he's no trouble for anyone wanting to help in that capacity. However, I would stick with his normal schedule" Text me for any questions about childcare/meal stuff so that we can minimize the number of folks reaching out to Tiffany/Shane.

Special Notes: 

FYI, for anyone visiting Tiff: follow signs to the emergency room/main entrance. There was plenty of off street parking in front of the entrance. You will need to show your ID at the visitor desk before you reach the elevators. They will also take your pic too.


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