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About Lovin on the Fullers

Ingólfr Torfinn was born via emergency C-section on December 12. After spending a few days at the hospital, he and Mama are finally home! The family needs some help in this time of transition. Mack is home for awhile but between the girls and Cami now needing to heal from major surgery, it's a lot to handle. Food and playdates are going to be very helpful as well as respectful company for Cami to help stave off the postpartum depression she is prone to having. Thank you in advance for all of your help. *Please don't feel tethered by the times set in the calendar. The site required me to put times down but we're flexible. **The "Child Care" category means playdates in our case. Again, times are flexible.

Special Notes: 

Dietary restrictions: Vegan, peanut butter allergy, olive allergy, dairy allergy No sick visitors please. If you have any doubt, please stay home.