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About Meals and Helps for Esteban

In late November 2018 during the week of Thanksgiving, Esteban contracted a strep infection (he is not now nor was he contagious at any point) in his bloodstream that led to rheumatic fever (his joke is that he got the disease of a 7-year Old waif in 1800s England), which in turn, has led to a significant and prolonged episode of reactive arthritis. In short, his body experience has been incredible amounts of pain all over but especially in joints, along with muscle stiffness, high levels of inflammation throughout the body, weakness, fatigue, on-again off-again fevers, great difficulty sleeping through the night, and a whole lot of blood work and tests over the span of many weeks to figure out what was going on in the first place. He has stayed home from work much of the last month plus and movement all around has been quite limited. His prescribed treatment thus far is one year’s supply of penicillin multiple times a day (hello to lots of aloe vera juice and probiotics), with diclofenic and Advil for pain relief. Naturopathic and eastern medicine helps will be weighing in over the next few weeks soon (hello, too, to lots of ginger and turmeric, etc). This will be and has already proven to be a slow and arduous recovery for Esteban. However, there are good things to look forward to, like the acceptance of an offer on a home in SE Portland, closing end of January if all goes as planned, and there are so many wonderful friends and family far and wide that have been so loving and thoughtful already that have offered in numerous ways to make this period of illness less trying.  To make for easier coordinating with and communication between loved ones for those in Esteban’s circle who want and are able to provide assistance in the way of healthy meals and the occasional task around the house that has gotten complicated with limited mobility, I have set up this care calendar. I know, too, that Esteban’s friends and family are spread far and wide, and this site facilitates for things like getting local food delivered those who are not in the greater Portland area simpler. (There are sites that exist for just this purpose ?!?!) Many folks have already reached out directly to Esteban to lend a helping hand in ways they are able, and for that, thank you. To Esteban's improved health and returned strength, and to all you beautiful people who help fill in the blanks until that day arrives.

Special Notes: 

**Esteban’s food allergies include: tomatoes, eggplant, bananas. **Ella, Esteban’s daughter, is vegetarian, for nights she is home with her papa.  (Ella is home every other week, Mon-Sun. So, the week of 12/31-1/6 she is with Esteban; 1/7-1/13 with her mom, and so forth. There are 1-3 people total in the house per night.) High protein, heavy greens, complex carbs over simple, low sugar, and anti-inflammatory themed dishes help Esteban feel best. Ginger and turmeric-laden foods have great anti-inflammatory properties.  His appetite has been pretty diminished though too, so cozy foods (I think we all know how much Esteban loves all things cozy) are welcome to tempt him with tasty, healthy eats.  Consistent meals throughout the day drastically improve his pain and fatigue. Of course, when the inflammation flares it gets very hard to eat, let alone cook, so pre-made meals for later and leftovers can easily be (re)heated make a huge difference. **If you bring reusable dishware and would like your dishware back, please leave a note of some kind with the food you bring, and I (Danielle) will keep track of them as best I can for their return. Feel free to message me directly to coordinate dish pickup (541-761-8776). (**This care calendar site doesn't have exceptional flexibility on its calendaring times. Especially if you'd rather help with something around the house over cooking/bringing food, feel free to message Esteban directly on his cell. I am happy to be helpful figuring out good times for people and can be reached directly on my cell listed above. I work evenings, so have daytime availability, and Esteban is often working from home these days.)


Care Calendar

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MARCH 2019

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