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About Brit's Broken Bones!

So...imagine as your hauling in your groceries from the car, you slip on a patch of ice and break BOTH your lower leg bones on the spot. As you lay in agony on the ground, your 5 year old son had to search for a phone to call 911. Traumatizing, right?! THAT is exactly what happened to our friend Brit Koskinen just a couple days ago. Brit has been a part of the Marquette County Mom Prom community since day one, graciously styling the hair of countless volunteers and because of this, we feel it's our turn to give back to her. As a young single mom, she relies on her income to support her family. The recovery process from the injury and consequenting surgery could put her out of work for up to 3 months. As of now, Brit is in Baraga staying with family but will be returning to Marquette as soon as she is able. We hope to set up a calendar of meal deliveries and assistance with chores when she is back in town so please stay tuned for more details. In the meantime, if you are able, please consider donating monetarily through the paypal link or purchase a giftcard from the wishlist. Even the smallest amount will help her get through these next few trying months. NOTE: There seems to be an issue with accessing the donation pages from certain devices. If you experience this problem, the direct link to donate via paypal to Brit is Alternatively, a facebook fundraiser has also been set up and may be accessed here: Thank you for your support! ~The Marquette County Mom Prom Committee

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