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About Andrea's Surgery Recovery

Andrea is having surgery on Jan 22nd and will be out of work for at least 6 weeks. She could use help with ready-to-heat meals, rides to physical therapy, kitten-sitting, a hangout buddy, and other general help that may arise. Her husband, Kevin, will be around for the first 2 weeks and then going back to work during the day (8-6). If you will provide meals that cover multiple days, please indicate this by "claiming" successive meals on the calendar.

Special Notes: 

VISITORS: Her recovery process is somewhat uncertain and will be taken day by day. It’s likely that early on, to maximize her rest, excessive company may not be the best thing. Please text/call/Facebook message Kevin to be sure visits are welcome at the time. MEALS: For food items, Andrea has no dietary restrictions and likes most styles and flavors of cooking, however seafood is not desired. Whole grains (brown rice, 100% wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, etc) are preferred over white, and she LOVES vegetables (but not a vegetarian). Kevin and Andrea love leftovers! Kevin will mostly use them for work lunches - please bear this in mind when choosing what to make (easy to travel with, reheat, etc). Andrea will happily eat leftovers for lunches at home also. Beyond this, any meal help is welcome very much appreciated!