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About Love for Lakysha!!!

Hey there! It’s me Lakysha, KyKy, LaLa, Grant or LL...however you know me I’m one in the same! 🙂 I was officially diagnosed with Stage 1A Breast Cancer on September 25, 2018. I’ve embarked on my journey of 16 weeks of chemotherapy treatments, followed by 12 weeks of radiation to prevent reoccurrence. If you want to find out how I’m doing this is the perfect place to do so. You can find out about my good days and bad days, learn ways you can support me and just leave some kind words on my journey to being completely cancer free! I love you all and I appreciate all of the love, prayers, encouraging words, support, care packages and gift cards from near and far. You all are truly the definition of #TeamLakysha

Special Notes: