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About Join the Johnsons

4/6/2019: UPDATE!!!!  Jen will be having sugery on her elbow on 4/9/2019(Tuesday).  We’ve added dates for meals to help out while she’s recovering.    Here we can join the Johnson family with support while Jason’s deployed.  Jennifer was already busy with 3 kids but now she’ll be even more busy.  Give Jason peace of mind as well by helping his family! Right now we’re gonna start off slow and simple.  One meal a week on either Monday or Thursday nights! No allergies or strong dislikes(except for liver...but who does like that! lol).  There will be 3 adults and 3 children to be fed.  Though their oldest is a teenage might consider it 4 adults! Hehe

Special Notes: 

Drop off can happen anytime after 5pm.  Call or text Jennifer before for confirmation or any questions! (864) 612-8371 If you don’t live nearby, food delivery is always an option!   Their address is given via email once you’ve signed up!