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About Helping new parents Marie & Jose

Marie and Jose welcomed baby Dillon to the world on March 6! We are all so excited for the three of them! Being a new parent can be tough. Sometimes the best way to help out is by offering a meal or two. With this in mind, we've set up a Meal Train to help Marie and Jose as they get used to their new little family!

Special Notes: 

Top things to consider when participating in a Meal Train 1. It is best to expect that the recipient is not yet ready to entertain. Unless suggested by the organizer or recipient, plan to stay no more than 10-15 minutes when dropping off a meal. 2. If there are open calendar days after your delivery, make enough for leftovers. Freezable meals are also nice. 3. Don’t forget the extras like drinks, condiments, and salad dressing. 4. If you are having something delivered (e.g. pizza), make sure to pay and tip in advance. 5. If possible, deliver your meal in a recyclable or reusable container. 6. Be sure to label any items that you would like returned. Include a large paper bag with your name on it that the recipient can use to store your items until you can coordinate a pick-up date. 7. Include clear preparation instructions, i.e. "Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees." 8. Consider sharing a link to your recipe in the "Notes" section of your meal booking so the recipient can know the ingredients. 9. As a nice added bonus, bring breakfast food for the following morning, such as muffins, bagels, and fruit salad. 10. If possible, text the recipient that you are on your way. A little heads up can go a long way. 11. If you don't live nearby or can't cook, consider sending a Grubhub or Uber Eats gift card.