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About Love and Support for the Nelson Family during Baby Finn’s NICU stay

Hi friends and family of the Nelsons. As you know, baby Finn arrived 7 weeks early. He is doing well in the NICU and needs to spend a little more time there before he can join his sweet family at home. Daniel and Kristina are seasoned NICU parents, but there are always challenges balancing time with Finn and keeping up with all the normal life things. Often friends and family want to help but either live too far or don’t know what they need. This page is set up to assist with helping.  Whole Foods gift cards,seamless for takeout, amazon for necessities, and $ to help with house cleaning and sending out laundry would be appreciated right now so they can focus on themselves, Grady, and Finn. If anyone would like to bring food or help with childcare, please reach out to Daniel directly. Please reach out to me if you have any questions and thanks for your love and support! Feel free to share with other friends or family members that may not have received this. Thank you!  Megan Nelson  

Special Notes: 

If anyone wants to bring a meal, there are dietary restrictions. They are vegetarians and NO dairy except Goat Cheese.  If dropping off a meal, please use disposable containers so they do not have to store and return them. Also, disposable plates and silverware can be helpful for a few weeks to cut down on doing dishes.