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Dear Passion City Bloom Family,  Can we all just take a moment to give God some serious credit for how He is moving in our House and in Bloom? I am amazed week after week with what we get to be a part of and never want it to escape me how special these days are together, serving, growing and leaning into all Jesus wants to do in us, in our city and in the world!  One of the things I love about Bloom is the family that I get to be a part of…for many of us, the first contact we ever had in Bloom is with our beloved, compassionate and faith-filled leader, EDY ROUSE. We love you, Edy! The way you see, love and serve the Door Holders in Bloom is unmatched. You have such a special gift of knowing us all individually and loving each of us so very well. You have laughed with us, cried with us, celebrated us and mourned with us. You visit us anywhere from a coffee shop, to a hospital, bed and anywhere in between. There is no one quite like you!  As many of you know, Edy has been suffering a great deal with kidney stones for the past nine days! So badly that she had to visit the ER on March 1st, where they discovered the stone is too large to pass, therefore she will be going in for a procedure this Friday, March 15th . Recovery is expected to last one week. If you know Edy, you know her heart is with Bloom. She misses her people and the families who she gives her life away to so beautifully.  Let’s show up and be the hands and feet of Jesus for our incredible leader! There are opportunities to serve Edy and her family lunch and dinner for the week leading up to her procedure, and the week after as she rests and recovers. She would also LOVE visitors, as she has been bedridden for the last couple of weeks. Just shoot her a text or give her a call and set up a day and time.  Much love and gratitude, Jean Peake and Sarah Phillips-Boley  

Special Notes: 

FOOD IDEAS: Edy has a gluten allergy but her family has zero food restrictions. Her family loves homemade anything! Some restaurants that her kids enjoy are: Chipotle, Jim N Nicks, Chick fil a, Subway, Tacos and Tequilas, Grub Burger and Papa Johns. You may also choose to send food via delivery through e-mail.