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About Help Melissa Conquer Cancer

In the middle of her son's senior year and her daughter's 6th grade year, Melissa Durr Burns was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Since then, this strong, brave lady has begun her attack on this disease. She has undergone 12 weeks of chemotherapy and handled it like a champ! She is now scheduled for her double mastectomy on March 21st in addition to her next round of chemo every 3 weeks for the next 11 months to complete her treatment and get 100% cancer free! This will be a very difficult surgery requiring around the clock care and assistance for a week and half to two weeks. She will need the support of her family during this time. We are asking for prayers for her and them! During the week after her surgery (March 25 - March 31) once she is home resting and recovering, it would be most helpful for The Burns Family to have meals provided for dinner so that they can focus on caring for Melissa. You may sign up through this page to bring a meal. Thank you for support!

Special Notes: 

Melissa cannot have nuts or celery. Melissa's doctors have advised that she needs to have a diet high in protein, low in sugar and carbs after her surgery to aid in her healing. Also, please remember that her immune system has been comprised due to her chemotherapy and with this big of a surgery she cannot afford to get sick and needs her rest so please do not visit if you have been or anyone in your family has been sick and make visits short. Thank you for your love and support!