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About Love to the Sansone Family

Love to the Sansone’s Family is supporting the family while they celebrate the life of Jilly’s Mum!  Please sign up to bring a meal to The Sansone’s home on the caring calendar below!! I hope the process is easy! If you can coordinate with Dan on drop off that would be great. Let’s try to get the food to them before or at 5o’clock! Jilly has a very busy work week when she gets back so this will be PERFECT!   Dan( 518) 424-9850    Please go into the calendar and sign up for a night you will be delivering food to  Sansone’s let’s start with this coming Monday! Thank you very much for joining me in giving Love and Support to Jilly and family! This will give them time to enjoy each other and not have to worry about dinner! 

Special Notes: 

The Sansone enjoy lots of different foods, one thing I know they do not like cilantro! 😉 When signing up please write what you are bringing so they do not get a ton of ziti.  I have never done this so hopefully it all comes together and makes sense! Let’s try to make coordination easy and dropping of the food the night before I think is good also!  THANK YOU! 🙏🏼💓