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About Welcome Oliver Grooms!

We are excited and thankful that Oliver is joining the Grooms family. This page has been set up to support them as they transition home from their long travels and begin the process of becoming a family of 6.  Thank you for supporting The Grooms Family by providing meals. We’ve also included a Wishlist of items that we’ll update below as the family identifies needs after they’ve met Oliver and brought him home. 

Special Notes: 

Meals need to be gluten free or 1 portion for Ashley needs to be made with alternate GF ingredients. Cross contamination is not a concern - just use GF ingredients please. Questions about recipes or ingredients? Text Cathy at 678-637-3277.  Dropping off the meal can happen any time of day.  The Grooms are happy to introduce everyone to Oliver!!! To best help his transition to their family, please allow only Ashley and Thomas to hold him or give him food or gifts. We can give our meals, gifts and affection to them and they can give it to Oliver.