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Supporting our Wild + Free Mamas

Centerville, OH


Hey mamas! We wanted to start this page in hopes to support one another in anyway we can. Maybe one of us is going through a season of life where we have experienced loss, are expecting a new baby, moving, spouse is deploying or going on a work trip, or things are just hard right now. Let’s see if we can use this page to put out a call for help when it’s needed and support one another in a way we know how!

Special Notes

Our friend Katie Dias and her family are moving to Centerville! Let’s help them take a load off by bringing them some meals for the next week! They are not picky and do not have any allergies. They love chik-fil-a and Mexican restaurants like La Pinata. Kids ages are 8, 6, 4, and almost 2. Please drop off by 5:30, or sooner is fine too. Address is: 9570 Shawnee Trail, Centerville Ohio, 45458

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