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Love & Meals for Banocys

Alexandria, VA


Amy was recently diagnosed with DCIS Breast Cancer...words we are still in shock to be hearing and now writing about. Amy is hopeful and remains in positive spirits. She is also human and naturally is going through many emotions. We want Amy to put all her focus and energy on healing, physically and mentally, after having her double mastectomy on Feb. 16th. Many have been so generous in asking how they can help during this difficult time. I have set up meals to be delivered twice a week for now and Amy will see how that goes. She will be having reconstructive surgery in 3 months so we hope to be able to lean on all you compassionate and kind people at that time as well. People have asked about doing something beyond meals. I would love to encourage Sunshine Gifts... whenever and whatever. Only small request is nothing with pink ribbons or breast cancer themed. Lets shower her with gifts that will lift her spirits! On behalf of Amy, Derek, the boys and our parents, we are so very deeply grateful for your acts of kindness, support and love. -Leigh, Amy's big sis Please contact me anytime: [email protected] (subject: Amy) 703-473-3899

Special Notes

Banocy 7825 Desiree St. Alexandria, VA 22315 Derek: 703-994-8547 Meal Calendar starts on Feb. have to scroll down to see it. **UPDATE- Meal Calendar starts September 15th.** For Meals: Dairy and Gluten Free; No Seafood If for boys only: more flexibility...a few ideas are: ground beef tacos, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, burgers, and pizza Wegmans Gift Cards are welcomed and can be purchased from this page. Thank you! A few restaurant ideas for gift cards: burtons rice and spice in landsdowne center mission bbq in landsdowne center taco bamba in springfield

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