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Cancer Support for "Catman" Kyle

Wilmington, NC


I was diagnosed with cancer (leukemia) on 6/3/21. I was indeed in shock and denial but went to a second hematologist/oncologist at The Zimmer clinic in Wilmington, NC and was delighted to have a physician that had a nice bedside manner. I'm now on a medication, Imatinib, that has good results with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. The unfortunate thing that happened was my furlough ended with my catering position in which the company ended up dissolving. Therefore, my job was no longer available. My last day on the job was a catering event on 3/7/20. Sadly, I had a double whammy with job loss and then cancer so I'm here to ask for a little help until I can get well enough to work again. The doctor says that I have a good fighting chance with this chemotherapy drug. I'll continue to stay positive and in the meantime, kindly ask for your assistance if you're able to do so or share my story. Thank you, Kyle

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