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Blessing Roy and Bev with easy meals :)

Tacoma, WA


Thank you so much for wanting to bless Bev and Roy!! They have different dietary needs for the next week so if you sign up after February 10th, check back for my mom's diet. Roy will stay the same! He loves Thai food, and of course is very adaptable but really values eating healthy too. They don't need large portions, and certainly appreciate all of you very much! See below for the specifics on the diets for both.

Special Notes

Generally: Low sugar for both. Low sodium for both Bev until February 10th: LOW FIBER AND BLAND : white breads and refined grains, lean proteins and low fat dairy, low fiber and peeled veggies and fruit such as bananas, potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, lettuce, melons. Smooth nut butters. Bone Broths. Roy: Low sodium and cholesterol, lean proteins, whole grains, veggie heavy is preferred but like I said, he does love his Thai food

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