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Baby Rex Meal Train !

Jacksonville, FL


Hi there ! 👋🏻 This page is created to help out our wonderful new parents in welcoming their baby boy into the world! 🌍🩵 As some of you may know, trying to juggle new parenthood while maintaining your regular life can be a challenge at first! What better way to help (whether you live in Florida or elsewhere in the world) than to send a meal to the new family!!! I'm a firm believer that good people deserve to be treated good in return: so let's spoil this new family with lots of support, love, and FOOD !!!!!! If you have any questions on how this page works or anything else: feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or text me!

Special Notes

Lindsay and Jonathan have no allergies or restrictions, but they do enjoy lots of fruits and veggies!!!! 🍓🍉🥦🥑 Also the new parents would appreciate a heads up via phone call/text if you plan to stop by for a visit!!! Please no unannounced visits: they love you all but they would like to get to know their bundle of joy in private! Note from Lindsay: Need ideas for meals? We pretty much like literally anything! We love trying new things! If you are looking for specific gift card or ordering-out ideas, we love Indian (naan, biriyani, and chettinad curry especially - medium heat is safest for sharing but if you want to treat Jon, he likes his food Indian Hot), Thai (peanut pad thai, green curry, and really any kind of curry - and same spiciness notes for thai food as indian food), Mexican (EVERYTHING), Italian (again, everything - including pizza), Vietnamese (beef or veggie pho especially), Chinese (anything, but especially veggie lo mein, general tsos, and szechuan chicken), and seafood of any kind (especially salmon for baby's brain!). Some local restaurants we enjoy or would like to try: JaxSpice Simply Tasty Thai Casa Leon Tony Pepperoni Pho Viet China 1 (on Atlantic) Jimmy John's (#7 with no mayo for Lindsay, and any sub for Jon - he says pick your favorite sub for him to try) Hopefully this gives you something to work with! Thank you so much for your support in this new and exciting time of our lives!

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