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Supporting the Alexanders

Middleville, MI


Hi all - In an attempt to streamline what the Alexander’s may need during this upcoming battle, this page will serve as a go-to for things like child care, transportation to/from school, meals, etc. With Carissa’s approval, updates will also be posted here once they become available. May we all remember that we serve a worshipful and holy God who will carry Carissa and her family through her cancer journey. - Courtney “Hello my wonderful family. I don’t know if you have all heard my news yet but it’s not great. We found out on Friday that I have breast cancer. So far they believe it is stage 2 and it has spread into my lymph nodes. Because of this I will be getting chemotherapy before any surgeries because there is a 20% chance the chemo would rid the cancer from my lymph nodes and then they wouldn’t need to be removed. There are still tests that need to be done and/or come back to determine when and what type of surgery will follow chemotherapy. Tomorrow I have an echocardiogram to ensure my heart is healthy. Thursday I get a bone and CT scan to make sure there are no more cancer spots anywhere else (which they don’t anticipate given the type of cancer I have). I am awaiting an appointment with an oncologist as well as an appointment to get a port put in my chest. This is all happening very quickly and I admit my head is spinning but I know I am being held by God and the prayers from all of you. There is more to share but my kids are hungry and I have to go cook dinner now 🙃 I love you all and I’ll update again when there is more to share ❤️”

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