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NTMC 12th Street Teacher Appreciation Week

Tacoma, WA


Hi fellow NTMC Parents!  As you know, May 3 - 7 is Teacher Appreciation Week, and this year more than ever, we are sure appreciative of the teachers and staff keeping our kids in class!  NTMC staff got us kicked off with our daily themes, and I thought it would help if we had a sign-up where we could make sure everyone gets covered (and as a parent, I appreciate just one or two items to take care of!) so I created this page to coordinate -- you'll need to create an account on Give InKind to sign up, but you can email me (Laura, Ren's mom) at [email protected] if you'd like to sign up for something without registering (if you register, you'll get reminder emails automatically).  Thanks for participating and showing our teachers and staff how thankful we are for all their hard work! 

Special Notes

Monday - Coffee & Breakfast - sign up to take a coffee order from your teachers or bring other breakfast items for all Tuesday - Flowers - sign up to bring a bouquet or anyone can bring a flower for your teachers!  Wednesday - Sweet treats - sign up to bring shared treats or anyone can bring a special items for your teachers! Thursday - CrispGreens lunch - contribute to catered lunch from an NTMC family! Friday - Pizza Friday - sign up to bring a pizza/salad or send a DoorDash gift card for the team to order!  All week - Everyone bring a card or hand-drawn thank you! You can also send digital gift cards via the wishlist - note who it is for in the order and NTMC will distribute them. 

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