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Love for Jan and Christopher

Napa, CA


Jan Janek, our amazing colleague lost her best friend and husband George unexpectedly on Friday morning. Jan and George just celebrated 30 years of marriage on August 10th and they have one son, Christopher. Jan and George had a beautiful story that ended too quickly and as her friend and colleague it is my hope we demonstrate our CommonSpirit Mission and vision of spreading Christ's healing ministry to her and Christopher at this time. If you had the pleasure to meet George, you know he was a gregarious man who loved to talk with people. Jan told me he was also a child actor, spoke fluent french and mixed an amazing cocktail. He loved music and reading and his weekly poker game with friends. Jan and George both loved baseball, though they disagreed on teams. :) He was a Tigers and Red Sox fan and Jan, well, we know she loves her Dodgers. Their honeymoon was a tour of a series of baseball parks - I can't think of something more endearing and American. Lisa and I created this page so you can show Jan and Christopher some love through practical ways. A card, flowers, a gift certificate for dinner, etc. You are of course under no obligation to do so, we just wanted to create a space for our team to provide for Jan in this way, should you chose to.

Special Notes

Jan shared with us that while they need nothing specific, gift cards for Grub Hub, Whole Foods, Target, etc would be helpful. We also included some books and a few other comfort items that may be helpful.