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Caring for the Crosby Crew

Jacksonville, FL


Walton, Shannon, Jack, and Liza need your help! There has been so much going on after welcoming Liza into the family and adjusting to a family of four! Walton went to the hospital on December 14th for what was thought to be a pulled/torn hamstring. Routine bloodwork was done while there and was diagnosed with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia) and a complete hamstring tear with a large hematoma that runs from his buttocks to the back of the knee. Walton has immediately began treatment for the CML and will take on extensive PT to heal his hamstring. This news has been shocking, but in true Crosby fashion, the amount of support and hands on time amongst the family continues to shine. There is a MealTrain set to deliver meals, but we've set up this site to help organize on-going gift cards to help with day to day needs for the next months ahead. Walton, Shannon, Jack, and Liza needs prayers the most, but they appreciate any help you might be able to send their way too. Some of their most current and greatest needs include: grocery gift cards, Amazon, Target, and Walmart to help with day-to-day items. Please visit their Meal Train site if you'd prefer to deliver a meal to them instead.