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Bond & Scott Family Meal Train

Baltimore, MD


Cindy Bond is receiving a Bone Marrow Transplant to treat and hopefully cure her newly acquired Severe Aplastic Anemia. She is moving in with her daughter's (Elizabeth) family for the first month of the treatment and then we hope to move her back home with the help of Sam, Caroline, and Gene. If Cindy gets approved, her chemo and radiation treatment starts on February 20th and she gets the transplant on March 1st. Her doctor anticipates 75-90 days of daily hospital visits before she can return to living independently and driving again. Please consider donating food and meals to help the family and ease their daily burden. Cindy will be in the hospital daily so please also consider donating gift cards to Grubhub/Door Dash so she can have food delivered.

Special Notes

PLEASE NO FLOWERS OR LIVE PLANTS- it is an infection risk!!! Everyone is open to any food, just nothing spicy. Please confirm the delivery address with Elizabeth (443-974-5810) on the day you pick. This could flex between Elizabeth and Nate's home, the hospital, and Cindy's home.

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