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Friends of Nebraska Abortion Resources (NEAR)

Story Our mission at NEAR is to remove barriers on every level for Nebraskans seeking abortion access. We envision a world in which all pregnant people can plan their families as they see fit which includes equitable access to abortion care. Our values are the guidelines which drive our mission and shape the culture of our work at NEAR. Autonomy- We believe that the ability to execute full self-governance is crucial to achieving equity. We trust pregnant folks and we are committed to helping them access abortion care. Reproductive Justice- We commit to being an ally, supporting, and contributing to expanding access to the full spectrum of reproductive health care. Equity- We acknowledge: Equity across sectors including but not limited to race and gender. We conduct our mission through an equity lens recognizing BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) face un-equitable treatment, risks, and outcomes. There are people who are not women who can become pregnant and they deserve equal and equitable access to abortion care and services. The historical abuse and marginalization of BIPOC in the U.S. and its contribution to reproductive injustices. We are committed to promoting an anti-racist, diverse, equitable and inclusive organization, and culture. Intersectionality- We appreciate that people live at many intersections of oppression, including race, gender, sexuality, religion, zip-code, education, ability, and socioeconomic status (social determinants). We believe the lived experiences of people at these intersections impact healthcare and access to abortion. We aim to address root causes of disparities including intersectionality to achieve equitable access to abortion care. Collaboration- We respect the communities we serve and the organizations that contribute to an aligned mission. We foster collaboration with multiple organizations across private, public, and governmental sectors to serve our communities innovatively and effectively. Accountability- We hold ourselves, partners, government, and the nation accountable for policies and systems that affect abortion access and reproductive health. We believe for systemic change to occur our communities must be empowered with information, resources and provided opportunities to participate in civic engagement. Taking Action- We will consistently act to challenge historic patterns of racism and the systems of oppression. We are committed to being allies and taking public stances against oppression. We will help build an anti-racist reproductive justice movement in Nebraska. In order to do that: - We advocate - We participate in community events - We amplify others work - We provide funds for folks to overcome barriers when accessing abortion care

Special Notes

Thank you for visiting our support page. Your contribution will provide immediate help to patients seeking abortion care. Please reach out to the Support Chat if you need any help navigating the page, they are ready to help.