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The Teasdale Family Meal Train

Knoxville, TN


Baby James was born at 2:10pm EST at Knoxville UT Medical weighing in at 5lbs 11oz. He is about 4 weeks early so his lungs need a little extra assistance. He is currently in the NICU connected to a C-Pap machine for the time being. Family is in-town to support Hills & Patrick. The Teasdale’s will need some hot food when they make it home from the hospital. We have family scheduled to come for support for the next month or so for household support.

Special Notes

Hillary is gluten intolerant and would prefer gluten-free food options. Patrick does not have any dietary restrictions. They would also welcome any Kroger gift cards to stock their pantry as they adjust to being new parents. Teasdale Favorite Restaurants in Knox: Pho- Bida Saigon -Pho #11 & Spring Rolls La Herradura -Tacos, burrito Knox Kaizen -Hillary especially loves their fried eggplant and they both like their pork fried rice The Tomato Head -they have good gluten free bread for their sandwiches

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