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Scott Mayle's Kidney Transplant

Wheaton, IL


On Friday, April 5th, 2024, Scott will be receiving the gift of a lifetime: a kidney transplant. As he focuses on his recovery, and Jess supports him through this time, we've set up a meal train so they can prioritize his health and taking care of Ryan. You are welcome to drop a pre-made meal, send food delivery, or gift cards. Limiting visits is important to keeping Scott healthy during his recovery. Sending a text to Scott (630-420-7735) or Jess (630-805-1743) letting them know that the food is delivered is helpful. Thank you for the support!

Special Notes

Any and all meal types are welcome. Scott is not allowed to eat pomegranate and grapefruit due to medication. It is also critical that any meat be fully cooked to avoid listeria. Jess has a shellfish allergy, so keeping that in mind would also be appreciated.

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