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Love for Lisa

Lafayette, CO


Hello dear family and friends of Lisa! Let's help support our strong girl through her mastectomy surgery and recovery. Lisa's surgery is scheduled for this Thursday, April 11th. She will go home from the hospital the same day. Her doctor says the recovery is 4-6 weeks and she won't be able to drive for several weeks after the surgery. If you are looking for ideas for how to support Lisa's family, here are a few that Lisa's mentioned: Weekdays: Healthy Food Delivery--There are lots of options to help with this! 1. You can use the calendar below to sign up and send food from some of Lisa & Jeff's favorite restaurants. 2. You can send a Whole Food Delivery of premade items or a giftcard for WF 3. Spicy Raddish giftcard 4. Deliver your favorite home cooked meal ANYTIME! Just text Lisa or Jeff the day before to let them know to expect a meal and drop it by 5pm. Address for food drop off/delivery is 438 Pinewood Circle, Lafayette, CO 80026 Weekends Plan an outing with Sadie and Penelope. Text Jeff to coordinate (708.712.5333). Other ideas: Drive Lisa to Fringe to get her hair washed and blown out (she won't be able to lift her arms to wash her own hair for awhile). Giftcard for Merry Maids Walk Rosie/take her to the dog park Book/Podcast/TV show recommendations

Care Calendar