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Care and Support for Phoebe, Danny, New Baby, and the Vashon Household...

Seattle, WA


So, what started as a surprise pregnancy for Phoebe and Danny, has turned into a much more complex and overwhelming endeavor for them with this new diagnosis of Stage 3 Breast Cancer, one month before the baby is due! PURPOSE OF PAGE: To provide one space to try and coordinate all the loving offers of help that have been flowing towards their family. They will need help with maintaining their own home and needs as well as the needs of the Vashon home--where Phoebe has been in the role of caregiver for the last several years. We want to alleviate any stress that come with medical bills, meal planning, baby needs, and all the other unknown challenges that may arise. Any offer of help, no matter how big or small, throughout the next year will be greatly appreciated. FEATURES ON THIS PAGE: ~Amazon Baby Gift Wishlist Registry: (with requested items, big and small, where you can put money towards a group purchase of an item, or purchase items individually). ~Care Calendar: (a regularly updated schedule with continual asks for meal deliveries, work parties, baby holding or sitting, etc., meant to cover the next year or so. So, check back in often!). ~Donation Options: PayPal Link or Venmo address in Special Notes (if you want to help financially). ~Discussion Board: Where you an ask questions, try to plan other services not listed here, say hello, etc. UPDATES: This page will be updated as needed, so please check back often for new asks and new information as we have it. SHARE: Please feel free to share with whomever you think would like to support Phoebe, Danny, and Baby, (or Vashon Family) as they go through this exciting and scary new chapter of their lives.   GOAL: Our ultimate goal is to help alleviate some of the worry of regular day to day things, and provide a sense of comfort and care, so that Phoebe, Danny, and Baby can focus on healing, recovering, and bonding together as a new family.    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

Special Notes

VENMO: Phoebe’s direct Venmo is @Phoebe-Zavis If you’d like to help financially, and have a Venmo account, you can to donate directly to the family. If you don't have Venmo, you can use the PayPal button at the top of the page. MAILING and DELIVERY ADDRESS: Phoebe Zavis & Danny Barksdale 10048 8th Ave NW Seattle, WA, 98177 Please send Phoebe a text reminder the day of when you will be dropping a meal.  360-259-1965

Care Calendar