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Care Calendar for Katie

Tampa, FL


Friends and family of Kate: After finding a lump in her breast and then the subsequent rapid aftermath of a breast cancer diagnosis and immediate treatment plan, Kate is once again finding more challenges to overcome. She is, as usual, facing this new diagnosis with the grace and grit that she does everything. She will beat this and we will rally around the person that rally's for us! Kate is in need of immediate help as she navigates chemo treatments with pick ups for Wyatt, dinners, light straightening up of the house here and there and cat litter help. (The litter is toxic to her and she isn’t able to re home kitties short term at this time) Please see calendar to sign up! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to myself, Kristin (727) 460-3155 or Kate (813) 484-4953.

Special Notes

For food delivery or any type of visit/drop off: Please mask up and ring doorbell for drop off. There are days that Kate will not be able to host guests, please be aware it may just be a drop off if it’s a bad day. Your understanding is appreciated!

Care Calendar