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Healing Support for Tanja


If you have had the pleasure of meeting Tanja, you know how touched you’ve been by her wit, huge fun heart, and generous spirit. As her friends, her positive impact on our lives is so foundational that we want to support Tanja through her current health challenges in any way we can. Many of you know that Tanja just underwent brain surgery to remove a tumor and is currently in the process of recovery. Our goal for this page is to help ease the strain of her medical and recovery expenses so that she can focus on healing. Please see several ways to support her via Quick Links on this page (Wishlist, Care Card, Venmo and GoFundme). Tanja’s enthusiasm for life, dance, sunsets, hummingbirds, and hiking in nature is contagious to all who know her, and we look forward to more of her incredible photo documentation of these things that bring her great joy. We hope that many of you will make a donation if you’re able and ask that you please also share this page to your comfort level.

Special Notes

100% of all funds collected will be transferred to Tanja's account. Unfortunately, as the organizer, it may show that the funds benefit Renee Swenson. We are working on removing this. However, please be reassured there are several of us watching this fund for financial oversight. Thank you.