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The Lopez Family

Lewis, CO


Terese had brain surgery on January 8th in Denver and she is now at home with her family and still recovering from this very delicate and painful surgery. In her recent update, she said: Tatum and I drove up to Denver yesterday for my post op appointment. I overdid it a bit and am paying for it with some extra muscle pain and headache, however I had my six week checkup today with my surgeon. We are both so pleased with the results we can see/feel thus far that he said that my next check up will be in three months unless I need to be seen sooner! I need to continue to rest and give my neck muscles and head a break but I can start physical therapy & a few other therapy modalities. This is the first positive result appointment that I’ve had in five years! I definitely feel as though a majority of my pre-op symptoms are gone and that has never been the case till now! Thank you for being my prayer warriors, encouragers, supporters and friends! ♥️

Special Notes

Tacos/mexican food are a favorite as well as meat/potato/veggie meals and salads. Not super picky! The boys eat endlessly as teens so any sort of fruit/veggie tray, snacks food is great. They try and keep a healthier, clean eating focus but definitely are open to anything! Vince takes breakfast and lunch to work daily. Disposable food containers are greatly appreciated! Local restaurants: Pizza - pineapple, chicken supreme and thin crust all meat. Blondie’s - Southwest salad & fries, fish n chips, gold fever wing and fries, bacon burger plain, chicken Cobb salad. Stonefish - Pad Thai, 2 phat bowls with noodles, chicken and teriyaki, dirty Vegas roll, volcano roll, Santa Fe roll, dolorian roll. Burger Boy - 2 grilled chicken wraps & fries, 3 burgers (2 ketchup only) fries and sweet potatoes fries. Breakfast burritos are yummy too! Thai Cortez - Pad Thai, Gang Peth, spring rolls, Pho Chicken. La Casita - Asada Quesadilla, Real Nachos, Enchiladas, Chicken & Shrimp Fajitas for two. Subway - Turkey subs with the fixings. Wiggling Pig - Any sliders and mac n cheese.

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