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Meals for Angie, Brett, and Grace Karstens

Lebanon, TN


In August, Angie had a week of flu-like symptoms and fever. As those symptoms progressed, Angie was diagnosed with COVID (she was vaccinated.) It quickly escalated to her lungs. On August 25, following a chest X-ray, she was immediately sent to the ER and put on oxygen and meds. She then had a CT scan to determine if there were blood clots in her lungs. The hospital was full at that time with COVID cases, so they were praying Angie would not have to be admitted. The results of the CT scan came back good and she was released to go home on oxygen. She could not function at all without the oxygen for quite some time. Here is a message I received at the end of August from Angie: — “It’s just so weird how this has impacted me long term out of left field when I had no prior health issues. One thing though; I can’t remember or explain, but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, being able to come home was a God thing and everyone’s prayers, thank you very much!—I don’t know how I got from my fever breaking with flu like symptoms after a week to a chest X-ray on same day that sent me to the er to be put on oxygen and meds. That, and the vaccine, saved me from a vent and going south quickly. So while this is craziness, obviously I’m here for a reason and this all will be for a reason long term because I can’t explain what made all that happen//why Brett started texting my Doctor and got all that set up before I started struggling breathing badly. Again, craziness and God’s protection. So I’ll just stay in and keep being protected until I get over this. I’m lucky I can work from home as I feel like it.” —

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