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Supporting Hanna

Pittsburgh, PA


Welcome! To learn more about Hanna's journey, please see the wonderful website Marc made at This GiveInKind site will provide the details for supporting Hanna's nutritional needs. Below is a calendar to sign up for delivering meals on specific dates between 5-6pm for dinner. Lots of details too for foods that Hanna likes but also needs to be careful of. When you deliver, please ring Hanna's doorbell. If she is not there, she will leave a note and you're welcome to leave the food outside her front door. Her address is: 3559 Bethoven Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

Special Notes

The Early New Year 2024 WishList: +"Keep the soups coming!" cries our Oasis Queen. The smoother the better. Try steering clear of chunky bits + Bright, bold and vibrant flavors. This can come in the form of juices, dressings or anything that brings life to a meal. Hanna has called out ginger-carrot miso dressing as an example. + As for juices, Yes, please! Please make sure it's freshly made that day. Deep greens, or carrot-ginger are two that Hanna is enjoying Keep in mind the basics: LOW ACID: Hanna struggles with acidity in her belly, so avoid or lessen acid-producing foods such as too much tomatoes, chillies, and wine. CALORIES. CALORIES. CALORIES.. Consider how to add a little extra through healthy oils, nuts, seeds, butters, fats. SOFTER FOOD IS PREFERRED (like cook the broccoli just a bit more or make mash). Uniform texture also helps—a salad cut into fine chunks of equal size is easier to eat than varying sizes, and a pureed soup better than a chunky one. SMALLER PIECES: Hanna finds it difficult to eat large chunks of anything. Please cut her food into smaller pieces. Use the nail on your pinky finger as a guide. We can cut it here too if needed. A HEALTHY GUT MATTERS, so please include fermented foods like kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi or miso. PROBIOTIC rich foods like yogurt are also great. COMPLEX CARBS: Complex carbs like oats + multigrain hot cereal, barley, sweet potatoes, spelt, potatoes, butternut squash, brown rice, farro, lentils (if soft in a stew), green peas. Mashed and moist things are great. E.g. mashed sweet potatoes and butter, potatoes and carrots - very soft and mashed. Consistency - think baby food. UNSATURATED FATS are great, please feel free to mix them in. Things made with... avocados or olives, for example. Or add plant oil, especially cold pressed, extra virgin, like avocado or olive oil. Also nuts and nut butters, nut cheeses and milks: brazil, macadamia, hazelnut, cashew! Flax, pumpkin, sesame oil, chia, walnut. Fish are also a good source of unsaturated fats. Salmon, trout, catfish, mackerel. SATURATED FATS ARE GOOD TOO: coconut cream, grass-fed meat, grass-fed yogurt and cheese (don’t underestimate cottage cheese!), dark chocolate. MIX UP THE PROTEIN: A lot of households are red meat forward. Please consider a mix of healthy proteins such as eggs, chicken, soy and fish (Hanna loves fish, salmon in particular and fishcakes are great) and on occasions pork. HOMEMADE? DELIVERED? Meals can be homemade (yah if you have the time!), purchased pre-made or delivered from restaurants. We prefer to support local, black-owned businesses and other family-owned places (think Thai, Mexican, Ethiopian etc.) businesses over corporate chains. CARRY-OUT FAVS + Thai curries--green is Hanna's most favorite but really she likes them all + Indian-lentil dahl, sag paneer + Chinese---eggplant, tofu dishes, fried rice + Japanese--bento box, sushi + Ethiopian--veg/meat sampler platter from TAna + Italian-risotto is easiest If having food delivered, to better support the restaurants in keeping more of the profits, please contact them directly first to see if the restaurant delivers before using services such as GrubHub/DoorDash/Postmates, when possible.

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