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Supporting Carrabbamico Lori

Orlando, FL


Lori Hotaling, a Carrabbamico from the early 2000’s, and a friend to many, was recently diagnosed with Stage II Breast Cancer. She will receive surgery, chemotherapy beginning on April 5, and radiation as treatment. She is a server currently dealing with the affects COVID has had on the service industry, and is now facing the battle of her life. I know times are hard for all of us, but if you are inclined to help or share, please do so. There are various ways to help: Sending a meal via the Meal Train, the Amazon Wishlist I created with support items for her treatment, gift cards and PayPal. Lori has always had a bright spark and friendly demeanor to everyone she worked with. Let's take care of our Mico when she needs us most!

Special Notes

*NOTE: Due to COVID-19 restrictions and that chemo is detrimental to the immune system, depleting white blood cells that help fight infection, all meals need to be delivered by restaurant, courier, or left at her home with no contact.

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