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Love for Claribel's Health Journey

Miami, FL


On January 20 Claribel suffered a seizure at home and was rushed to the hospital where an MRI confirmed a brain tumor. On January 24 she underwent brain surgery to remove the mass. Love for Claribel’s Health Journey supports the Castillo family as we help Claribel heal from brain surgery and prepare for cancer treatment. Right now we want to make sure they are well fed and have transportation support. Claribel is unable to drive for at least one year and Uber will be a big part of their lives for some time. As their needs change we will update this page. Thank you for all your support!

Special Notes

Allergy: Pineapple Food and transportation help are so appreciated right now! Uber will become Claribel's primary mode of getting around in the near future. If you would like to help keep Claribel and family fed they are focusing on high protein, low sodium healthy meals! 7pm would be an ideal delivery time. Here are a few favorite places they order from: Naked Farmer: the family meals are great, and love all items here except for the mac & cheese. Pura Vida: all the salads and bowls (but no pineapple please!), pesto chicken sandwich, chocolate PB shake, and empanadas are all delicious Carrot Express: any of the platters or bowls, ancient grains salad with salmon, Liv wrap

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