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Ramos Triplet Family

Hudsonville, MI


Hello, We are the Ramos Family, I am Mauricio, the proud father of a 7 year old girl and three year old twins (boy/girl). Last year my wife and I prayed about adding to our family, we thought: "twins .. check, let's have an easy single-ton!".. to our shock, God blessed us with TRIPLETS!. We are overwhelmed with God's generosity. A lot of people have asked, how can we help? The things that come to mind are: 1. Meal trains - see calendar below. 2. Loving hands to Hold/Feed/Change triplet babies 3. Care for the twins during this transition time while we care for triplets and homeschool our 7 year old 4. Diapers and wipes 5. Donor breast milk: If you know Rachel, the idea of breastfeeding 3 babies until 2 years is very tempting and crosses her mind often, in case nature poses challenges with that, we would love donor milk.

Special Notes

That we know of, we don't have any food allergies. Family’s favorite restaurant: Culver’s Points of Contact: Diapers - Christi 616.822.3720 Meals - CeeCee 616.669.4386 Visitors or general questions: Becky - 616.634.2286

Care Calendar