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Emaline's Journey

Plymouth Meeting, PA


10 month old daughter Emaline was recently diagnosed with a rare congenital condition known as a Vascular Ring. More specifically, a Double Aortic Arch. She will need cardiothoracic surgery at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in the near future. For the past 8 months, Emaline has experienced breathing problems. She has had a chronic cough since birth, and around 4 months, Emma began having very noisy "Darth Vader" breathing sounds. In addition, she started getting frequent respiratory infections, with one resulting in an inpatient hospital stay for close monitoring. Emaline has been following with a specialized Airway team at CHOP. She had a procedure called a Triple Scope where an ENT surgeon, a Pulmonologist, and a Gastroenterologist scoped her airway and esophagus. They found a very unusual looking protrusion in her airway. We decided to do further testing by way of a CT scan under anesthesia, where they found the Double Aortic Arch. The protrusion in her airway is the doubled blood vessel compressing her airway, causing a significant area of narrowing. This is the cause of her cough and her noisy breathing. Emaline will need surgery to fix this Double Aorta to relieve the pressure on her airway. It will involve a surgery where they enter her chest, and manually cut out the extra aorta. Obviously any heart/vascular surgery is risky. She will spend about a week in the hospital, with the first few days in the cardiac ICU. We are not quite sure what this will mean for our family financially. We are so blessed to have insurance for Emaline. We are also applying for Pennsylania Medicaid due to this being a congenital issue. We are so blessed to have people literally all over the world in our support network, and we know that everyone desperately wants to help. Donations will go to things like gas money for doctors appointments, meals while we are in the hospital, etc.

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