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Single mom with cancer getting her kids into schools with autism therapies

Pensacola, FL


Sadie and Noah will be attending new schools in august. Sadie will be attending episcopal day school…and I feel confident that it will help her with many of her emotional needs…as well, as academic. We are thrilled about the programs that they have entered…and feel very lucky to get assistance through gardiner (special needs) with Noah’s school tuition…(sacred heart school) however, there are not only school supplies this year, but, also uniforms for both kids, fees for the schools that broke me, partial tuition (which I’m already paying), transportation (gas) to and from both schools, lunch supplies…the list goes on and on. I am also leaving to see my team of doctors in Miami this month (finally!) and I could use help with the cost of rides and a hotel for one night. Finally I’ll have their eyes on me again and that will make me feel much better about my situation. I’ll let you all know how my brain scan goes after the 19th of July. My liver function has been off (for the first time ever), so I’m very relieved that they will get to look over my labs. Covid really messed things up for everyone, didn’t it? Sadie started her list on Amazon (yes, she is old enough to do that now 😳) I promise to look over it as soon as I stop locking myself out of the app and I’ll revise anything that looks over priced (she doesn’t really look at those things). I still need to add things for Noah. I’ll also try to post their supply lists…as I’ve never seen a shelf for a locker before. I am also taking the kids to indiana this month to my sisters wedding…I made a promise to her that I would be there no matter what…so…as I realize there is time before school starts…it certainly won’t seem that way once I return from the wedding and all of that driving. I’ve listed gift cards…thinking of shoes, groceries for lunches, covering gas…and clothing that they will need. I couldn’t add a zoghbys gift card But, we could REALLY use One of those I’ve tried to buy as many used land end items as possible for Sadie on eBay and thredUP…I still can’t find some things and Noah’s has to come from the Uniform shop. This is the greatest opportunity either of them has had and I must not only survive…but, stay afloat financially in order to continue to get them through the next few years. This will be a great challenge But, such an amazing opportunity and blessing for each of them individually. Ah yes…and if you notice a game stop request…Noah’s birthday is also in July. I have NO idea what to get him. He says he wants money 🤦🏼‍♀️ And even though he doesn’t want a party… I’ll be getting him a cake, presents, dinner and celebrating on July 27th.

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