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Supporting Max and Family

Greenfield, MA


As friends, colleagues, relatives, and community, we are all looking for ways to express our love and concern for Max, Hannah, Juni and Sina at a difficult and anxious moment. Please use this page rather than calling, emailing, or stopping by to check in on and show your support for our friends as they navigate the coming challenges. Below you will find a variety of specific ways you can sign up to be of service, from afar or in person, over the next few weeks and months. You are welcome to contact any of the three organizers listed above (Jess, Sarah, or Colleen) if you have questions or need any clarification. We will keep you informed with an update every other Friday. We invite you to find the best way to contribute your time or resources using the calendar below -- check the special notes section for helpful links and additional directions. All of what you do is greatly appreciated. How we got here ... In late February, Max went to the ER with severe abdominal pain, and it was determined that he needed an emergency appendectomy. During that procedure the physician discovered and collected samples of unusual growths in Max's abdomen. Testing the tissue samples revealed the presence of cancer cells in and around his colon, for which he underwent an extensive and intense surgery in June. He has now begun a twelve-week course of chemotherapy, with three weeks' recovery time between each of the four infusions. Throughout this process, Max has been seeing an oncologist at Dana Farber Cancer Center and a surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital. Hannah and Max have confidence in both of them, and feel they are getting excellent care and advice. Their chemotherapy team here at Cooley Dickinson has likewise proved very thoughtful, communicative, compassionate and supportive as Max goes in for his treatments. Max and Hannah will need both our support and help and their own space to process and recover. This page was established as a way to channel all our affection, compassion, good wishes and nervous energy toward the kinds of support that will be most welcome and constructive.

Special Notes

VISIT THE CALENDAR to grab a meal request -- you can bring a meal, or PayPal Hannah directly at [email protected] to sponsor one! You can send $25, $50, $75 or $100 directly to the family. Venmo to 4133207965 SIGNING UP TO BRING A MEAL: * Dinner for four (two adults and two kids) * Gluten free and dairy free please * Please deliver your meal to the cooler by the front door between 5:00 and 5:30 * No need to knock * No desserts please, but fresh fruit is welcome! * Please bring your meal in disposable containers OR come by to pick up your dishes from the same spot at least two days later

Care Calendar