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Recover With Kara



Over the last couple of months I’ve endured a series of body punches when it comes to my health. I was diagnosed with Vasovagal Syncope, which is a condition that causes you to pass out with certain triggers. I’ve passed out behind the wheel, I passed out after pulling up to Urgent Care, randomly multiple times a day. Living with this condition has been really tough at times especially since I’m such an active person. Well recently, I’ve also been diagnosed with AFib😩. This condition is usually seen in older adults around the ages of 60-70. I’m of the 1% in the entire world with this condition at my age. It’s been a very scary road leading up to my upcoming surgery date as you can imagine. The surgery I’ll be having is called AFib Ablation cryo and it’s supposed to help fix both of these issues. I’m a very private person when it comes to my personal life. Y’all usually only see my funny post, hair videos or post about my family. This time I felt like I need to lean on my community and extended social media family, while going through these hard times. My husband Avohom Carpenter has been my rock and he hasn’t missed a single beat. He has helped me walk, eat and has been the best chauffeur! He’s loved on me even when I didn’t know how to see the light on my dark days and he’s encouraged me to keep pushing on and to keep fighting. Any who, with my surgery date quickly approaching, your prayers are requested. If you are able and want to give a helping hand we would appreciate. Thank you all in advance for supporting us.

Special Notes

For any food donations please no pork or tree nuts because of allergies.

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