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Helping hands for Janell

Pasco, WA


Lance and Janell had stopped to help a broken down car on December 24th after leaving a family function in Moses Lake. As they were conversing with the passenger of the other vehicle a drunk driver hit the car they had stopped to help. Janell was injured in the collision and airlifted to Spokane that night. She has a small brain bleed, concussion, laceration on her head, several broken ribs and a broken leg. She only required surgery for her leg and is getting great care at Sacred Heart. We have started this site for those that wish to help in her recovery once she is able to return home. Whether you are wanting to help with care, transportation to appointments or bringing a meal to Lance and Janell, we know they will appreciate any assistance offered. Janell would love to have visitors once she is home and able for that, please call ahead to ensure she is up for company. We will share updates as they are available. Thank you for all your love and care!

Special Notes

Janell’s body is working hard to heal so please make sure you are not sick when coming to visit or help as we want to keep her as healthy as possible!

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