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Share the Love for Melissa

League City, TX


Most of you have probably heard that Aaron, the love of Melissa’s life and father of her four children, has passed. The past year has been complicated and painful for their family, but this chapter has been shattering. To say Melissa needs our help, is really and understatement. Ladies, it is going to take a village, and we are her village. I had lunch with Melissa yesterday and ask her what she needs. Of course, in grief, it is hard to know what you need. So I am going to speak for what she wasn’t able to say. She needs us to show up and give her some time to make phone calls, catch a meeting, or go for a walk in the park without changing diapers or feeding babies. She has so many things to do to deal with because of “the business of death”, which just sucks. And she is planning his memorial. We don’t know what she needs help with there, but it is safe to say, we will need to be her brain at times.

Special Notes

I also have no idea what I am doing, so anyone with more experience with kids, grief and death, let’s do this together please.

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