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Supporting the Croscutts


Cady and Cory’s 4 month old son, Carson, has been diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency disorder and is in critical condition at Children’s Hospital in Atlanta - 2 a half hours from their home. This condition requires long term treatment and an extended time away from home. We would love for you to join us in blessing them during this difficult time by the giving meal cards. Thank you for your generosity as we send our love, prayers and support to the Croscutt family.

Special Notes

Cady & Cory are overwhelmed with the amount of people wanting to help during this difficult time and are so incredibly gracious! They have let us know they have plenty of meals now and this is no longer needed. However, if people would still like to help, monetary donations will be helpful for medical bills (past and future) - an option for this will be offered soon. The visa gift cards could also be useful for other things. Thank you all again for rallying around this precious family as they lean on Christ during this time!